Find your favorite css, js ... and other web assets

What is CDNPKG ?

CDNPKG is like a search engine but only for web assets (js, css, fonts etc ...). The primary goal is to help developers to find their web assets more easily for production or development/test.


Package managers like NPM or YARN already get all the files we need right into a local repository. So why would we use CDNPKG ?

Well, package managers are great and simplifies our every day life as web developers without a doubt!

But lets be honest, sometimes :

  • We just want to cut the heavy workflow and test directly a library with a simple CDN link
  • We don't want or need to use building or bundling tools like Webpack for a project dependencies once in production and using a CDN is the right way to go
  • In some cases, finding a library (or a very specific version of it) can be a annoying and you would have to spend some time to find it

For all these above reason, CDNPKG was created! Just search for a library or a file and you will get every possible version of it that we found through all the available CDNs.

How does it work ?

A CDN (content delivery network) is most often the place where you will find the packaged or distribution versions of the libraries you are looking for.

CDN are not just simple web repositories, they also provide a reliable and efficient way to serve those libraries all around the world.

There are many CDNs out there, some of them holds the files you are looking for but not some others. This is why CDNPKG gathers all libraries and files from multiple CDN providers and consolidates the data by merging all of it.

Whether you want to find a CDN for a specific library/file or just want to grab and download it, CDNPKG is there for you !